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Disposable Inflation Device



ARC-40(Enlarged view of pressure gauge)

Product name : Disposable Inflation Device ARC-40

Maximum allowable pressure : 30 atm (440psi)

Maximum allowable liquid volume : 20 ml

3-Way Stopcock : High pressure resistance

Accurate : Capabl of accurate operation
Reliable : Reliable technique of quick inflation and deflation
Compact design : Space saving

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PTCA Balloon Catheter



Product name : CAN-PASS LP

Balloon Diameter(mm) : 2.00~4.00
Balloon Length(mm) : 8~25
Compliance chart

Excellent pushability

With a specific treatment of the hypotube

Highest crossability

Flexible tapered tip
Lowest lesion entry profile (0,016")

Optimal trackability

Innovative hydrophilic coating

Shaft performance

6F Kissing technique compatibility

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CTO Balloon "SHOW" 翔

CTO Balloon

Product name : CTO Balloon "SHOW"

Balloon Diameter(mm) : 1.00~1.50
Balloon Length(mm) : 8~25
Compliance chart

> Unsurpassed crossability and pushability.
> Lowest crossing profile.
> Innovative shaft material for OTW version.

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Puncture Needle

Puncture Needle

Puncture Needle

Product name : Puncture Needle

Description : Long tip 18G/7cm

Features :

  1. Long and sharp tip that has low resistance increases accessibility and reduce tissue trauma.
  2. Short tip has better controllability.
  3. Tapered hub inner diameter facillitates insertion of the guide wire.
  4. Needles of customaized sizes are also available.

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